This is Norrska

Dream Decorations for Dream Homes.

Infused with the spirit of both Halloween and Christmas, our product designs transport you to a realm of imagination brought to life through intricate paper craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from all that captivates the senses, we not only cultivate this fantastical world but also extend its reach globally, as we proudly dispatch our creations from our Salford-based studio to destinations across the world.

The world is changing, and so are we. Sustainability is at the centre of our work.

At Norrska, we specialize in innovating folding and joining techniques that guarantee the enduring utility of our products. Through meticulous paper engineering and a commitment to quality materials, we ensure each creation’s long-lasting functionality. Our design ethos revolves around optimizing space efficiency — all products are crafted to neatly fit within envelopes, minimizing their environmental footprint throughout the transportation process.

In alignment with our eco-conscious approach, our products are entirely recyclable due to the inherent recyclability of paper. The crafting of these items takes place within our intimate workshop located in Greater Manchester, UK. Additionally, we’ve established partnerships with reputable manufacturers across the UK for wider-scale production. Every paper source we employ adheres to strict standards of quality, originating from dependable chains that uphold excellence in paper production, with sources stemming from both the UK and Europe.


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