Halloween Pumpkin Garland


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Scary pumpkins are coming to your house!

Celebrate the most fun time of the year by decorating your home with this Halloween pumpkin garland. You can decorate your house with this beautiful pumpkin garland.

This Halloween pumpkin garland comes as DIY. Pumpkins need to be in order in twine and it is super easy to do! You can make your pumpkin garland in only a few minutes!

Each pumpkin is about 9 cm wide. Pumpkins can glide freely on the rope, you can change the distance between them as you wish.

There are two length options:

1- The length of the garland is approximately 130 cm // 51 inches and includes 8 pumpkins.
2- The length of the garland is approximately 230 cm // 90 inches and includes 14 pumpkins.

Material: Paper

If you would like to see a black pumpkin garland, please follow the link below.


Black Pumpkin Garland


130cm / 8 Pumkins, 230cm / 14 Pumkins


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