Modern Christmas Village, Set 02


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Modern Christmas Village Houses

Become a part of this imaginary world and decorate your home with these modern Christmas village houses! You will never want to remove them and they will inspire you all the time. It is also a very good alternative that you can consider as an architectural gift to your loved ones.

You can complete your look with SET 01 Christmas village from here:

The cathedral is sold separately. Follow the link below:

Get ready to experience the Christmas spirit! These modern Christmas town paper houses will bring elegance and warmth to your home as your decoration object this year. You can make shadow games with led lights that you will place inside them. These beautiful paper house decorations, which you can use all over your house, can look very stylish, especially on the fireplace or in front of the bay. If you admire Christmas village houses, we’re sure you’ll love these paper houses!

Christmas village house set was produced with blade cut. It is shipped disassembled and very easy to install. Instructions are included in the product. Make sure you have a lot of fun while setting up the product. You can install the product with your children and share this excitement together.

The product is made of high-quality cotton content paper in white. The roof is dark grey. You will need glue during the assembly of the product.

Product specifications:

— All sets include the following buildings. You need to select 4 or 12 paper trees at checkout —

Max Height: 35cm, Length: 8cm, Depth: 8cm

-Town Hall;
Max Height: 20cm, Length: 20cm, Depth: 9cm

-House 1;
Max Height: 20cm, Length: 9cm, Depth: 7cm

-House 2;
Max Height: 16cm, Length: 18cm, Depth 9cm

–4 Trees Set includes;

-1 small (6cmx8cm) 1 large (8cmx12cm) dark green pine trees
-1 small (6cmx8cm) 1 large (8cmx12cm) white pine trees

–12 Trees Set includes;

-3 small (6cmx8cm) 3 large (8cmx12cm) dark green pine trees
-3 small (6cmx8cm) 3 large (8cmx12cm) white pine trees

Tree Quantity

4 Houses + 4 Trees, 4 Houses + 12 Trees


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