Thank you to all who joined us and became participants in our exhibition. We displayed our exhibition on Saturday, July 6th, at Islington Mill. We will soon publish our outputs here.


Come and join us at Islington Mill for a one-day interactive exhibition where we will explore the past, present, and future of our neighbourhoods, with a focus on the iconic Victorian terraced houses. This exhibition will showcase a series of architectural installations designed to encourage conversation and stimulate innovative thinking about our community spaces.

Through these installations, we will examine the significance of neighborhoods, and discuss how these historic structures can continue to meet our changing needs while retaining their cultural importance. Participants will be able to take part in engaging discussions, reimagining the role of terraced houses in a modern context.

We will delve into the delicate balance between preserving the heritage of these architectural treasures and adapting them for a sustainable future. Your involvement will help shape a vision for neighbourhoods that respect their rich history while embracing new possibilities.

Be a part of this collaborative effort to envision a brighter future for our neighbourhoods. We eagerly anticipate your insights and contributions!

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